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Desperated coaches - TEG game
Often we were with an exhausted, boring training, because there is no wind, have finished the novel exercises to us, or the boys are boring and they do not have desire to do nothing. Recently time a game was happened to me that works very well and is quite productive. One is the following thing: A route windward-leeward or any other is placed that is fast. I use the finish in downwind (in the same door) with two bar them one short and another length, but that is to criterion of each one. All the boys join themselves in support boat forming a round. The coach has prepared letters (made by he himself) with objectives written. Soon each boy chooses a letter and read his objective without saying to it to anybody. The regata is released and who manages to fulfill his objective one gains a point, otherwise it obtains zero. The objectives that I used and worked very well are: ´first of your right must be left last´, ´the third of your left has to win´, ´the second of your left must do 720° and arrive forth´, ´the one of your left must arrive with starboard and second place´, etc etc... The conflict of objectives causes very amused regatas. Warning! Write down the objectives well that were called on each one to avoid ´avivadas´... To write down well, since the thing can be put enough warms up.

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speed, buoys problems, downwind, triming, etc, etc. Totally proved.

Who am I??? who is this optimist guy?

Diego Ravecca, (argentino) Optimist coach since 1990.
I´ve coached at Club Náutico Albatros, Argentina, from 1996 to 2001. Also the peruvian team from 1992 to 1995. Between the ´masters´ I´ve the pleasure to coach at CNAs we found Juan Lupo (1° Team Worlds Irlanda 97), Lúcas Calabrese (Second at Worlds 2000, World Champion 2001, 1° Team Worlds 2001), Mercedes Travascio (1° Team Worlds 2001), Victoria Travascio (1° Team Worlds2002), Mario Segers (1° Team Worlds 2001)
And so many others outside my club that I miss.
Actually I coach Optimist at Puerto Lucía Yacht Club, Salinas, Ecuador, since july 2001.